Written Work

I have finally built up…

enough courage to post my own work here. So, with that said, slowly but surely, I will begin filling this page with posts of past works I had once forgotten about and stumbled upon, to pieces that I write just to write. I may even expand. I may even venture into the world of short stories — the possibilities are endless.

For those who know me, you know, this is a huge step. My post about my paranoia as a writer gives those who don’t a glimpse into why I do not post anything on the web — alas, I have more proof of it being my own if anything were to happen. Then again, I have said that just to reassure myself that my paranoia is entirely too overwrought.

And now, I’d like to present to you here, some of my written work:

Semper Fidelis [7/5/2012]
Details: I did this assignment for a creative writing class and have always been intrigued with the genre, both in film and literature, of war. I figured I’d take my own stab at it and produced this, which originally was meant for a short story but I pulled some elements from that story and fostered this poem. Enjoy.
Amāre? [7/26/2012]
Details: This poem was another piece I had done for my Creative Writing class sometime ago.
It was a Fiction exercise called “Confessions” — we had to write a poem where a character is confessing something. Not surprisingly, murder and thievery were the main topics that people had written about. Obviously, neither of which any of us have committed (at least I’d hope for that much from my classmates, haha) but I suppose we all had read enough books and watched enough movies to draw from something. In any event, it is entitled Amāre? which means “To Love” in Italian. I have modified bits of it from its original piece, in hopes that I can improve it.  I sure do hope you enjoy it.
Semper Fi [7/26/2012]
Details: This excerpt is what the poem, Semper Fidelis, derived from. Another piece written for my Creative Writing class, I had it in mind to write an entire novel based off of what you read here, long before I had enrolled in the course. The course gave me a means to start it — but after thoroughly, attempting to be thorough at least, researching the subject, for some strange reason I stopped and stepped away from this project. It has been well over a year and since it was just sitting on my flash drive I figured I’d share it here on my blog.
***All works are a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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