It’s really gone…

My flash drive is officially M.I.A. and just when I think I’m over it, I think about it and get sad again. I had so much work on that USB: a foundation for a story that I could only dream of finishing. What bothers me the most is that I never knew how much I … Continue reading

I lost my USB Flashdrive

I suppose this is why you should backup everything multiple times because, as of right now, I have no idea where it is and that means all the work I’ve done is gone and might end up in the hands of who knows who (I hope for my sake it finds its way into a … Continue reading

When things are going your way…

and you just want to throw a party and dance on your bed in your underwear because you’ve finally broken the wall of writer’s block (or “being stuck” as I’d like to sometimes call it). A wall more challenging than that of the Great one in China. Today, things are going my way and I … Continue reading

B.S.S. – Being Stuck Sucks

Stuck.   I’m stuck.   Stuck. Stuck. Stuck. It sucks when you get stuck.   Definition wise, the word “stuck” means “to be unable to move further” — and that is rather appropriate for the predicament that I am in.   See, it’s weird because I don’t think I have writer’s block. I’m balancing on the … Continue reading

My Writing Hiatus

I’M BACK! I hope… I realized I needed to step away from writing a bit. Actually, I hadn’t written anything in the last week…and nothing substantial since my last post, that was until today. Of course a moment of despair and an overwhelming emotional break prompted my itch to write and here I am, blogging … Continue reading

The Writing Traffic Light

I’m half way–I think– through Chapter 1. It’s always exciting when you’re beginning a new piece. Though it seems my fingers can’t keep up with my idea’s and my brain is on overload. This might be the cause of my impatience while writing. I feel that my idea is rather brilliant, not to sound boastful, … Continue reading