It’s really gone…

My flash drive is officially M.I.A. and just when I think I’m over it, I think about it and get sad again. I had so much work on that USB: a foundation for a story that I could only dream of finishing. What bothers me the most is that I never knew how much I … Continue reading

Why I think Stephen King is a genius.

These are some of the things I feel that the horror story does, but I am firmly convinced that it must do one more thing, this above all others: It must tell a tale that holds the reader or the listener spellbound for a little while, lost in a world that never was, never could … Continue reading

I lost my USB Flashdrive

I suppose this is why you should backup everything multiple times because, as of right now, I have no idea where it is and that means all the work I’ve done is gone and might end up in the hands of who knows who (I hope for my sake it finds its way into a … Continue reading

A Farewell to Arms

So, a week or so ago, I bought this: It’s the Ernest Hemingway Library Edition featuring a Foreword from his son, Patrick, an Introduction written by Sean Hemingway (whom I believe to be  the son of Ernest’s son, Gregory, making him E.H.’s grandchild), and, also, 47 alternate endings. Yes, I pretty much cried at the … Continue reading

Why do I write?

The question that is almost as deep as asking what is our purpose in life? Some might say, “Easy! I write because [insert some long speech here].” I’d like to think that as easy as that question is, it’s hard at the same time. I don’t often ask myself this question but when I do, … Continue reading

Semper Fi

Written April 1, 2011. This excerpt is what the poem, Semper Fidelis, derived from. Another piece written for my Creative Writing class, I had it in mind to write an entire novel based off of what you read here, long before I had enrolled in the course. The course gave me a means to start … Continue reading

Point of View

When I was younger, primarily in my early teenage years, my default perspective while writing was always first person. I’ve heard most say that that is the case for most writers, especially for beginners but as I grew I found myself in the position in which I am in right this very moment. First Person … Continue reading

When things are going your way…

and you just want to throw a party and dance on your bed in your underwear because you’ve finally broken the wall of writer’s block (or “being stuck” as I’d like to sometimes call it). A wall more challenging than that of the Great one in China. Today, things are going my way and I … Continue reading

I love it when…

you have those moments when your characters really feel alive (and for all intended purposes, in our minds, they are). When you sit there and they talk to you — when they finally let their guard down and you can have imaginary tea with them and just talk. You know, you really get places like … Continue reading

My Paranoia as a Writer

It is not rare to be asked by people if they could read your work. Often times, depending on the individual, I might say ‘yes’…but, they can only read it if I print it out or am sitting next to them on the computer. I am paranoid, case in point. They’ll say, “Oh, just e-mail … Continue reading