Semper Fi

Written April 1, 2011. This excerpt is what the poem, Semper Fidelis, derived from. Another piece written for my Creative Writing class, I had it in mind to write an entire novel based off of what you read here, long before I had enrolled in the course. The course gave me a means to start … Continue reading


Written April 5, 2011. This poem was another piece I had done for my Creative Writing class sometime ago. It was a Fiction exercise called “Confessions” — we had to write a poem where a character is confessing something. Not surprisingly, murder and thievery were the main topics that people had written about. Obviously, neither … Continue reading

Semper Fidelis

 Written on April 5th, 2011 Semper Fidelis  War. It has never been something that I have been too keen on participating in, and yet, the prospect of war, of fighting, of killing, rouses me. It excites me because that’s all that I know. It’s what I’ve learned to do. The explosive sound of live rounds … Continue reading