I lost my USB Flashdrive

I suppose this is why you should backup everything multiple times because, as of right now, I have no idea where it is and that means all the work I’ve done is gone and might end up in the hands of who knows who (I hope for my sake it finds its way into a trash can). I am incredibly distraught and wish to go home to look for it but, alas, I am at work.

That flashdrive is pretty much my life.

It’s such a wretched feeling, honestly. It puts a hole in your heart and an endless pit in your stomach. My anxiety is off the charts right now and I figured that posting about it might help relieve the stress. Instead, it has only made me think about it more and I’m still aching over the feeling of not knowing where it is.

Here is to finding it — and, if I don’t find it, here is to making sure it ends up in a garbage, destroyed. (We wouldn’t want a real life “The Words” to happen.)

[Deep sigh]

One Response to “I lost my USB Flashdrive”
  1. I had (have) this exact same problem! For me it meant that I lost several projects, most importantly all revisions on a set of stories that had taken me months to do. I still have a faint hope of finding it, but I am pretty sure I won’t at this point (It was last April or so that I noticed it missing, and I mean 2011). Like you, I really hope that if I never find it, it’s because it ended up in the trash somewhere.

    Good luck!

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